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Get access to helpful solutions, how-to guides, owners' manuals, and product specifications for your Galaxy Note8 (Verizon) from Samsung US Support. Galaxy Note / Galaxy Note8 (Verizon) Galaxy Note8 Edit product model. Verizon. Edit product model MANUALS AND DOWNLOADS INTERACTIVE GUIDE WARRANTY. Aug 30,  · Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review: The Note for everyone else For reference, the Note 10 Plus has a sprawling inch screen but it’s almost the same footprint as the Note 9. As Samsung gets 8/ View and Download Samsung Galaxy s9 quick reference manual online. Galaxy s9 Cell Phone pdf manual download. Samsung galaxy s9 Quick Reference Manual Select a language and tap START or tap ACCESSIBILITY. 2. Follow the prompts to complete the setup process. Note: Select Smart Switch during setup, or open it later to easily transfer your.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G front camera review - DxOMark

Selfie shooters will be mostly interested in the front camera specifications, of course. A dual- pixel AF system ensures that images are in focus and in video mode, users can record selfie-clips at 4K resolution at 30 frames per second.

Read our full review to find out how it performed under our DxOMark Selfie test protocol. This article is designed to highlight the most important results of our testing. Achieving an outstanding points, it also takes the lead for the overall Photo sub-score, thanks to excellent performance across pretty much all test categories. Color in general, and specifically skin tones, are usually rendered pleasantly; only in low light did we observe some reference samsung galaxy note of faces.

The auto white balance system also delivers good results in bright reference samsung galaxy note and under indoor conditions.

This means noise is very well controlled in outdoor and indoor shots and starts creeping in only when shooting in fairly dim conditions. It renders fine detail and textures nicely, but not quite on the same level as the very best in class.

The Samsung device is also the best so far for front camera flash photography, with consistently good results when shooting both in complete darkness reference samsung galaxy note in low ambient light.

The autofocus system ensures good focus on the subject from very close to selfie-stick shooting distances, and a relatively wide depth of field means that backgrounds still show good detail and people towards the back in a group selfie are still rendered acceptably sharp. The same is true for Video mode, which scores 93 points in our tests, making it the joint number one for video along with the Asus ZenFone 6. Despite the high-resolution clips, noise is well under control in most situations and the stabilization system is just as efficient as on the S10 5G.

The autofocus is also fast and accurate, and the exposure system delivers good results in almost any condition. Areas to improve include occasional exposure instabilities and stepping as well as white balance casts that can be visible, especially in low light. Both subject exposure and detail on the background are very good in bright light. Target exposure remains good in indoor conditions, but our testers occasionally observed some underexposure on faces in challenging backlit scenes.

The camera is capable of producing good exposures even in very low light conditions, but contrast on reference samsung galaxy note is reduced in very dim scenes. The Note 10 achieves a very good score for Color, thanks to generally very good color rendering that is in most scenarios very close to that of the S10 5G. White balance tends to be slightly warm in outdoor conditions, which makes for pleasant skin tones and overall color rendering.

Color reference samsung galaxy note are more neutral in indoor conditions and be can slightly cool under warm artificial light sources, such as tungsten light. The system is well-tuned and provides good focus on faces at all typical selfie subject distances from 30 to cm. As you can see in the samples below, reference samsung galaxy note, depth of field is pretty wide, allowing for good detail in the background.

On both the Asus ZenFone 6 and Huawei P30 Pro, the background is visibly more blurry, making the Samsung front cam the best choice out of this trio for travel-selfies with landmarks in the background. In the sample shots below, you can see that focus on the face is good, even at a typical selfie-stick shooting distance of cm. The same is true for the Asus Zenfone 6, but the Huawei P30 Pro, which comes with a fixed-focus lens, cannot adapt to the longer-than-usual shooting distance and captures a subject that is noticeably out of focus.

The wide depth of field also helps with group selfies when not all subjects are in the same focus plane. What we can see in the graphs is confirmed in our lab samples, reference samsung galaxy note. Texture rendition is good, especially on the face in bright outdoor light and under indoor lighting. Levels of detail are good in the background as well, and noise is very well under control. Image quality does start to suffer in low light, however.

Fine detail on the face is pretty much gone and both comparison devices deliver better textures in low light. Luminance noise starts to become visible on the face and in other areas of uniform color but is still fairly well-controlled, as you can see in the graph below.

However, reference samsung galaxy note, there is also some chroma noise creeping in. In the graph below, we can see that noise is pretty well-controlled down to low light and only increases significantly when shooting in near-darkness. However, that comes at the expense of fine detail rendering, which is noticeably better on the Asus and the Reference samsung galaxy note. The most noticeable artifact is color quantization—a reduction of the number of distinct colors—as can be seen on some skin areas in the samples below.

We also deducted some points for ringing that can be visible on high-contrast edges and for unnaturally smooth skin rendering in low light. When shooting in complete darkness, reference samsung galaxy note, skin tones have a very slight orange cast but are neutral when flash is mixed with low tungsten light. Vignetting is visible but fairly well-controlled, and some color shading is noticeable in both test conditions.

Overall, however, the Samsung delivers excellent results when shooting with its display flash. Subject isolation is pretty good, with only fairly minor inaccuracies around the subject, but there is no blur gradient, with only one degree of blur applied to all out-of-focus elements in the scene.

The mode also blurs objects in the same focus plane as the subject. You can see this in the sample below, where the plant next to the subject is blurred despite being reference samsung galaxy note same distance from the camera as the face. The reference samsung galaxy note thing happens on the Huawei P30 Pro, but the ZenFone 6 with its dual-camera is capable of detecting that the plant and the subject are in the same focus plane and does not apply any blur to either.

Despite the lack of a blur gradient, the effect is reference samsung galaxy note nice and fairly natural overall. On the plus side, objects connected to the face, such as the hand in the image on the right, are detected as part of the foreground and not blurred, reference samsung galaxy note.

Spotlights in the background show nice contrast as well. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G front camera achieves a Video score of 94 points—the highest score for a front camera to date—thanks reference samsung galaxy note excellent results across all test reference samsung galaxy note and especially for texture.

Overall, detail is excellent in bright light and under typical indoor conditions. The video stills below are from clips captured at lux. Some luminance noise is visible in areas of the background, but overall noise is very well under control in these conditions. Despite the higher resolution, noise is still well-controlled in most conditions; only in low light does some luminance and chroma noise creep in. Samsung has also done a very good job in terms of video stabilization, which is still very efficient in both indoor and outdoor conditions, despite the higher 4K pixel-count the algorithms now have to deal with.

It efficiently corrects for both walking motion and camera shake when holding the device still, making for smooth and stable video output in most situations. Exposure on faces is accurate in most conditions and the camera is capable of achieving good exposure down to pretty low light levels, but we have seen some slight instabilities and stepping on occasion.

There can also some highlight clipping be visible when recording high-contrast scenes, but overall, its dynamic range is similar to that of the S10 5G, despite the larger amounts of data the image processing has to manage. In Photo mode, exposure and color rendering are very good in most situations, and a wide focus range ensures that subjects are in focus at any shooting distance. Bokeh mode has some limitations but is still capable of producing pleasant and fairly natural-looking results.

DxOMark invites our readership you to post comments on the articles on this website. Read more about our Comment Policy. We are hiring! The autofocus system ensures good sharpness on the subject across all shooting distances.

Asus ZenFone 6, focus range. Asus ZenFone 6, reference samsung galaxy note, crop. Huawei P30 Pro, focus range. Huawei P30 Pro, crop. Asus ZenFone 6, focus at cm. Huawei P30 Pro, focus at cm. Asus ZenFone 6, group selfie. Huawei P30 Pro, group selfie. Asus ZenFone 6, lux. Huawei P30 Pro, lux. Asus ZenFone 6, 10 lux.

Huawei P30 Pro, 10 lux. Asus ZenFone 6, bokeh simulation. Huawei P30 Pro, bokeh simulation. Photo pros Accurate target exposure and wide dynamic range Good white balance in bright light and under indoor conditions Wide focus range Pleasant bokeh effect with good detail Good exposure on faces when shooting with flash, reference samsung galaxy note. Video pros Very good detail in bright light and under indoor conditions Noise well under control in most light conditions Accurate, fast and stable autofocus and wide depth of field Accurate exposure of faces in most conditions Efficient video stabilization.

Photo cons Loss of fine detail in low light Desaturated skin tones in low light Some out-of-focus images. Video cons Occasional white balance casts, especially in low light Some exposure instabilities and stepping Luminance and chroma noise in low light. We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize your repeat visits and preferences, and analyze traffic.

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This year, we're getting not one, but two versions of Samsung's flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note There's the standard model, at inches, and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, toting a gargantuan Author: Adam Ismail. The official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 user manual shows you how to use the new features of Galaxy Note 9 in your local language. You may waste hours of time by trying some features in Galaxy Note 9 (e.g., the new Galaxy Note 9 S Pen or S Pen remote). These features and functions are very [ ]Author: Simon. View and Download Samsung Galaxy s9 quick reference manual online. Galaxy s9 Cell Phone pdf manual download. Samsung galaxy s9 Quick Reference Manual Select a language and tap START or tap ACCESSIBILITY. 2. Follow the prompts to complete the setup process. Note: Select Smart Switch during setup, or open it later to easily transfer your.