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Here's why iiNet does not support or recommend tethering for mobile devices. Tethering allows you to use a mobile phone or mobile tablet device as a USB modem or WiFi hotspot to connect another device to a Mobile Broadband service (e.g. desktop PC). Depending on the mobile coverage in your area, the plans will cover you on 4G and 3G networks. Getting started with iiNet Mobile is simple: you pay a one-time fee for a SIM card that fits your phone and choose which plan is right for you. What does iiNet offer? iiNet's mobile division offers month-to-month SIM-only plans on the Optus 3G and 4G networks. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for bundling these plans with iiNet's.

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Have you heard the good news about our mobile plans? If not, here it is! Our brand new range of SIM-only mobile plans brings you more mobile data, more calls and more SMS than ever before at great monthly prices — all on no lock-in contract!

There are five new plans available, tailored iinet mobile phones suit your mobile usage. Looking to call a friend in a certain country? You can check out the call rates on our website. Want to go all out? All plans have easy-peasy excess data blocks in case you use up all your monthly data. That means no more nasty shocks when you get your bill at the end of the month! Not with iiNet? Just iinet mobile phones the link below to find the perfect mobile plan.

Get more out of your mobile today! It may be necessary for your handset to be unlocked before it can work with our SIM cards. Her desk can be identified by a big mug of coffee and a few too many sticky notes. Why is this not happening? Also, I have very poor and sometimes non existent mobile reception in my area. Please advise. Regards Kay. It may well need to be manually added and if this fails, we may need to lodge an internal ticket to have this sorted out.

Maybe free calls to other iinet phones would be a good idea too? Have been with iiNet since and until last October was really happy with the service provided. Alternatively, you can e-mail myself directly: leo, iinet mobile phones. Can i keep my mobile number??? You most certainly keep your mobile number if you bring your mobile number.

Our plans are no contract and SIM only too, so no commitments to worry about. A year ago I requested change from broadband to the wireless NBN which was being advertised for my iinet mobile phones i was told at the time that the signal strength was unsatisfactory to my house. When am I going to be able to connect to this service, iinet mobile phones. Or something better than the snail service we have to make do with at the moment. A number of my neighbours have iinet mobile phones this service installed only to find that it does not work properly!

Do these new plans have that? Have a look at:, iinet mobile phones. Enquiry ONLY: I have iinet nbn and a bloody home phone that blocks a lot of incoming callsit is multi button thing that i cant get to work, i dont get txt or sms or message bank on it, been a pain in the neck ever since i had it put on.

IInet mobile Phone plans are fare too expensive and need a complete re-look to compete in the current market. What you need is to offer a plan with unlimited talk and text and graded data allowances making sure the unused data is rolled over to the next period.

When you suggest nil-cost changes to your beloved customers, why do you send them invoices immediately? Changing plans leads to a credit being applied iinet mobile phones the unused portion of the old service and then a charge generated for the remaining portion of the new plan, iinet mobile phones, This will result in an amended invoice being issued to show the changes that have iinet mobile phones place and the new charges that apply.

Depending on when the change was made, a billing alignment may also be needed to line up all services with their appropriate billing dates, iinet mobile phones. Data roll over for unused data at the end of the month has comeback strong in the market. Be nice to see it across all plans. It would be handy to have a plan with say 10Gb data or more but less phone and SMS provision. Your domestic plans are excellent value but your international roaming is very poor compared to other carriers, iinet mobile phones.

Unless, that is, you can tell me that you intend to do something iinet mobile phones improve your offering in this area. Hi, iinet mobile phones, whose network is this backed on? Telstra, optus or another carrier? No data roll-over yet? I like the plans but I dont want the added data packs to be automatic — they should be optional, iinet mobile phones.

Your plans are not clear on how MMS to Australian phones are charged, some extra clarification on how SMS and MMS is deducted from monthly spend or as an add on cost would be very welcome. Ok…your mobile plan looks interesting. At present I am with Telstra and their service overseas is abyssmal. If I travel overseas with the iinet mobile service can you guarantee I can link to a different national network in most countries.

Thanks for asking! We have an interesting article that gives you more information on this:. Thank you. I have a Telstra prepaid sim.

If I switch to Iinet and am not happy with it can I just swap sims and go back to iinet mobile phones the Telstra service. It appears that your new plans have scrapped that and now charge 35c per message. Is that true or am I missing something here? I prefer to happily send SMS to family overseas rather than risk running up call charges. This is correct — International SMS is charged at 35c per message. Does your iinet mobile phones offering mean that my legacy plan will be phased out?

I agree with Ron. March 31, at pm. How about a basic plan of SMS and Calls only. I would be changing over from Optus Mobile. We have been partnered with Optus for mobile voice services for many years now. Yes, you can activate international roaming on our mobile plans. It is always wise to check the costs you may incur by doing so, as this can be an expensive option in some areas of the world. In some cases, a local SIM is something to consider. I notice you only answers questions you have a decent answer to.

How about responding to the more ackward ones, like why are you not offering a international roaming pack? Why iinet mobile phones Thanks for the question! We do offer International Roaming but costs do very between countries and networks used and can iinet mobile phones quite significant.

This is a very understandable question — be assured that you can keep your mobile number when moving over to our plans. These plans sound good and better than I am currently on, iinet mobile phones. I will definitely look at changing over closer to when my current plan is due to expire. We are currently on 3 separate networks. Is there any incentive to have all 3 phones with you? Thanks for the positive thoughts Margaret! Also, iinet mobile phones, remember that these plans are SIM-only and no contract, iinet mobile phones, so you do have freedom to move as you need to, iinet mobile phones.

If I switch my mobiles from Optus to IINet I already have IINet NBN on a no-lockin contract and bring my numbers with me, will Iinet mobile phones then be able to suspend the service for 5 months while I am overseas, and keep the numbers for when we get back and renew the service?

Thanks Leo. I have been with iinet for several years. Why has this suddenly changed from free iinet mobile to iinet mobile? You are always welcome to call through and discuss this; please remember that the Complaint Escalation Process is always available:. For information on this, and the call rates, please see:. International Roaming can be quite expensive, so wherever possible, we do recommend using a local pre-paid Iinet mobile phones. Does my Westnet, postpaid plan support this?

Yes, please, please, please …. I used to have my mobile with iiNet as well but moved off as the plans stopped evolving and offering value. Thanks for your feedback! If optus support apple watch and you use the optus network what is the iinet mobile phones up?? I have been ripped off by Iinet when I purchased a simcard with them for a new phone. At the time my plan included: homephone, internet and mobile. I assumed that purchasing your simcard made me elgible for the current deals at the time- August It wasnt and I ended up with a bill shock for December.

After several emails and about 10 phone calls I finally got the weasel answer. This is despite them emailing me in March offering a better deal! So i am out of pocket considerably until cancelled the mobile service.


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iinet mobile phones


iiNet network and coverage. iiNet operates on the Optus network, including its ultra-fast 4G Plus if you’re part of the % of the population with access to Optus coverage, you’ll be able to shop around for phone plans with iiNet (and other MVNOs operating on the Optus network).Author: Max Eagles. What does iiNet offer? iiNet's mobile division offers month-to-month SIM-only plans on the Optus 3G and 4G networks. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for bundling these plans with iiNet's. Here's why iiNet does not support or recommend tethering for mobile devices. Tethering allows you to use a mobile phone or mobile tablet device as a USB modem or WiFi hotspot to connect another device to a Mobile Broadband service (e.g. desktop PC).